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One day it came to me, that I like more design a book, than to try to sell it. Playing with details and forms, layout and designing was always more meaningfull for me. That's why during my exchange program in Germany (Erasmus, 2007-2008, Leipzig), I tried to get as more as possible knowledge about Layout and Design.


During my studies at Vilnius University I had a chance to make an internship at a small, but significant Publishing house ERATA in Leipzig. Where I also was searching for forms and details while designing real projects.


After that, for almost three years, I was working at Printing house in Vilnius (Lithuania), where I was collecting practice and technical knowledge. Later, for more than three years I was working at Advertising agency. 


At my free time I was volunteering at Youth Agency (LiJOT), we made many projects together.

Currently I work at COWI (international engineering company) as lead graphic designer and contribute to the creation and maintenance of the corporate visual identity of the company.


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